EXCLUSIVE Karaba ‘Breakin’ N’ Bazzin’ [These Tasty Records]

The fourth edition of These Tasty Records’ This Tasty comes with four delicious cuts from label-head Aymeric, the SINM collective, Sunaas and Lille-based artist Karaba, who recently also had an impressive EP released on Haŵs. Consequently the Northern French kicks of This Tasty Volume #4 with his track Breakin’ N’ Bazzin’, a melodic sure shot to make floors move. With its break-esque note in combination with a straight House bass-line as well as nuances of deep chords, a touch of vocals and a laid-back but effective break Breakin’ N’ Bassin’ has everything one needs to have a groovey time at an easy dance out.

These Tasty Records’ This Tasty Volume #4 will be released on These Tasty Records soon.

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