EXCLUSIVE Dave P (feat. R.T.) ‘Gigabyte 52C’ [Sakskøbing]

Catalogue #16 from Sakskøbing comes from Detroit artist and Vigilante Cartel head Dave P (feat. Rick Tuner) and contains four tracks with dream-esque sequences and drum-matic bass lines, designed to create magical moments on the floor and in your mind. The A2, Gigabyte 52C, takes the initially mentioned line and sees Dirty Dave and Rick Tuner teasing out a synth-line that’s charming and proprietorial at the same time, probably in the same manner as it hits the zeitgeist by being classy and classical. The result is a gigantic piece that hefts one into new spheres with its trancey sub-tone without possible attributions to the genre itself.

Dave P’s (feat R.T) EP Project V Saturn was released on Sakskøbing on July 1st, 2022.

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