EXCLUSIVE Dj Steaw ‘I Can’t Feel It’ [Kaoz Theory]

Forward-thinking scene mainstay, Rutilance label head, producer, DJ but foremost artist Dj Steaw makes his debut on Kerri Chandler’s Kaoz Theory. Delivering four original tracks, each one slightly different in its processing of sounds and used elements, the Paris-based artist comes up with an EP that truly deserves the attribute classy and is surely to be ascribed to the House genre with slight deep notes. The tracks, entitled as Colour of Mind, depict Steaw’s preference for a rather raw approach to music, consequently his music is designed for emotional dance floor peaks as it directly pleases the dancers’ body, mind and soul. No exception is Dj Steaw’s B1 of the release, called I Can’t Feel It, which comes in with a gritty bass hook, euphoric organ lines and ethereal chords that push the track into a “classy House aesthetic”.

Dj Steaw’s Colour of Mind EP will be released on on Kaoz Theory on July 15th, 2022.

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