EXCLUSIVE Aerofunk ‘Definition Of Ill’ [Silias Records]

Hailing from Merseyside County, Liverpool to be precise, it’s Aerofunk kicking off Silias Records label history with his Heaven EP, a musical conglomeration consisting out of four tracks that cover various influences from different genres. The A1, Definition Of Ill, comes in with a break-esque Electro tone, including a wobbling and heavy hitting bass line that makes the EP-opener a track to make the crowd roll on the latter. Starting off with pads Definition Of Ill seems to take the listener on a smooth Melo-ride at first but changes into a true floor filler that has it all: a wobbling bass, spoken vocals that are shortened, re-sorted and scratched and the before mentioned heavy bass line which is enriched with a creaking Electro-synth. Not only does the Aerofunk’s track kick off the EP with a bang but also sets the bar high for following releases on the Silias Records.

Aerofunk’s Active EP will be released on Silias Records on May 20th, 2022.

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