He’s been a part of the electronic music for two decades with a first release under his given name Richard called Lieben Tun. Throughout his career he has released several albums as well as dozens of singles – sometimes with almost poetic track titles and sometimes simply based on life itself and reality. He’s blending Electronica, Techno, (Deep) House and Acid – but foremost he has this spheric, deep signature sound that he either works into his calmer tracks or in his clubbier production – probably because his music touches and moves people. Richard von der Schulenburg short RVDS is one of Hamburg’s poster boys when it comes to sophisticated, demanding and ambitious music. Consequently he has had releases on labels such as Uncanny Valley, Smallville, Pudel Produkte, It’s or Bureau B to name a few. On latter his album Cosmic Diversity dropped last Friday. Reason enough to have him here with us at absolutely on music.

Absolutely on music is hosted by Holger Breuer & Marc Wolf.

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