Can Love Be Synth alias Katja Ruge and Frank Husemann finally made it to Torture the Artist’s radio show absolutely on music at [sic]nal – finally because it was the third attempt to bring Frank and Katja into the sacred halls of the Übel & Gefährlich club, where the duo also produces their music together. The first release of Can Love Be Synth dates back to 2017 and was called Megapulser on Bordello A Parigi. Meanwhile the versatile duo has music out on Curses’ Ombra International or TAU and their most recent work, Bunker on Hamburg based label A Clean Cut. Find out about Katja and Frank’s approach to music in the studio, where they ran into each other, what sweets they favor and enjoy Katja’s ravey DJ-Set as well as the more Housey side of the Torture the Artist-head Holger Breuer.

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