EXCLUSIVE Sexy Lazer ‘Fluting In Space (Axel Boman Remix)’ [Riotvan]

Danish Dynamite they call call their national football team. Dynamite we call Copenhagen-based artist Sexy Lazer‘s latest EP on Riotvan Mr. Lava Lava, which probably namely orientates itself towards Shaggy’s Reggae ear worm Mr. Bombastic from 95. However, rumors have it that Reggae and Dub-love Axel Boman took on remix duties for Sexy Lazer’s track Fluting In Space for exactly those “shagging” reasons. The result is a smoking, pardon fluting downtempo track that prepares one for cosmic experiences within its five minutes living up the expectations the track title suggests. Additionally, Boman slows down the vocals, if not to say he reworks them in good ol’ DJ Screw-manner, making them a tempo-wise as well as a musically fit for his approach and ultimately delivers a cut that deserves the remix attribute as it widens the listener’s horizon by another (musical) facet.

Sexy Lazer’s EP Mr. Lava Lava is released on Riotvan on April 29th, 2022.

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