EXCLUSIVE Harry Wills ‘Longbags’ [Spaghetti Club]

Spaghetti Club kickstarts 2022 with a various artist four tracker that covers several moods to spoil the dance floor at the right time. With tracks from label head Pierre Codarn, Philipp Boss, Jealous Lover and Harry Wills, the V/A is musically as diverse as it can still remaining true to one vibe that can be found in each of the tracks. Starting things with a bang, it’s Harry Wills track Longbags that is to be found on the A1. The artist’s almost trademark heavy bass line is enriched with partly electro-sounding accentuated chords that hit as strong as the before mentioned sub frequencies and therefore not only carrying the listeners over the floor but most likely tie them right onto it. 

Spaghetti Club’s V/A 003 was released on March 2nd, 2022.

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