SUBWAX DISTRIBUTION TOP 10 – 02/2022 selected by Baldo

Subwax Distribution does not need much of an introduction, neither do the people in charge of it, namely Paul and Baldo. The Barcelona-based distributor, which the duo took over shortly before the pandemic, attends electronic music’s sub-genres from artists withs an immense dedication to what they do and love. But Subwax does not only support and accompany the artists and labels with their intend of releasing the black gold, Baldo and Paul basically live what they offer to others at the same time. Consequently it does not get more authentic or real when speaking of music and certainly there is now way around Subwax when it comes to the latter. Baldo now delivers the first top10 of 2022 for Torture the Artist with music from scene mainstays and aspiring artists.

  1. Affie Yusuf – A Tulip Saved My Life [Physical Education]
  2. Len Lewis & The Lexicons – Benis Die [666 Recordings]
  3. Dylan Forbes – Ride Da Flange [Haŵs]
  4. Nicolas Duque – Game Change [Nug-Net]
  5. SE62 – HZ [SlapFunk Records]
  6. North Phase – Time Zone Unknown [Seven Hills Records]
  7. Salomo & Reece Walker – Better Times [Long Vehicle]
  8. Sian Loves It – Get Out Of My Life [Curated By Time]
  9. Felix Ruprecht – Water Seven [Connecting People]
  10. Nicolas Duque – 30K Diamond [Magic Carpet]

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