EXCLUSIVE Dwaalgast feat. Shari Klein ‘Dwaal (Nuno Dos Santos Remix)’ [Something Happening Somewhere]

Dwaalgast and Shari Klein released their collaborative work, Pad, shortly before summer. Now their EP gets the ‘dwalen’ treatment and is provided with four remixes from artists such as Luna Ludmila, Patrice Baumel, Luca dell’Orso and Something Happening Somewhere label-head Nuno Dos Santos. The latter reworks Dwaal into a dreamy House groover that hits the zeitgeist as the beforementioned – still not defined as a sub-genre – musical direction seems to come close to classic House music produced in the 90s. However, Nuno Dos Santos’ approach is not ‘another’ production that tries to copy this era of music but is rather a smooth piece that vibes in this dreaminess and rawness that partly takes one back to a time when NYC was synonymous for this kind of sound – just that the Dutch spoken vocals from Shari Klein remind one of the present.

Dwaalgast feat. Shari Klein’s EP Pad Remixes will be released on Something Happening Somewhere on October 4th, 2021.

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