EXCLUSIVE Damiano von Erckert ‘Moons’ [Live At Robert Johnson]

After his second full EP on Aus Music Damiano von Erckert releases his first full EP, namely Space, Diversity, No Limits,on Live At Robert Johnson and returns to the label after a first contribution, Hideaway, to the Lifesaver Vol. 4 compilation at the end of last year. Again it seems as if the artist used the time when the club-world stood still to refine his sound and create dreamy yet dance floor-oriented music that is still classy and classical enough to be considered as House music but, despite too many productions, manages the balancing act of writing intriguing melodies that never come close to be linked to a bigger or wider crowd, even when they easily can. Moons, the EP’s A1, has a rather percussively influenced foundation, which kind of serves as an organic and warm counterpart to the uplifting but darker or rather melancholic sound-passages and sequences which are perfectly rounded off with some vocals. In the course of the track Damiano additionally implements glitchy bleeps that lead into a piano-driven synth-line and stays until the end. Moons is yet another piece written by Damiano that creates these euphoric but contemplative moments on the dance floor, whatever you are ready for or the context it is played in.

Damiano von Erckert’s EP Space, Diversity, No Limits will be released on Live At Robert Johnson on October 1st, 2021.

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