EXCLUSIVE Sei A ‘Universal Love’ [Aus Music]

Aus Music mainstay Sei A drops his Universal Love EP, a six-tracker that explores as well as highlights the deeper shades of electronic music and has its roots in the House and Techno genres – even though Andy Graham inweaves several elements from subgenres like Acid or Dub-Techno into his musical compositions and creates a balance letting youself go in the spheric parts or being driven by the more energetic still mostly darker and industrial Techno-esque bass lines. The result is an universal approach to the music on this six-tracker that surely showcases Andy’s indefinite and elusive skills as a producer. The EP’s eponymous track, of course, is no exception. Universal Love comes in with a lush bass line that is enriched with a a catchy synth, which in the course of the track untwists until a deep Techno tune gets its rave-moment – in a sophisticated manner.

Sei A’s EP Universal Love was released on Aus Music on September 24th, 2021.

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