REVIEW Len Lewis ‘The Orbalisk EP’ [Deep Sleep Robot]

As a collective, we are not shy about our love for UK producer and DJ, Len Lewis, who recently put out a fantastic mix with own productions only on Torture the Artist. Now coming in hot(ter), we have his latest output, a top-shelf three-tracker EP sucked directly from the mysterious archives of the tech-house pioneer. The Orbalisk EP commemorates the launch of the New York label, Deep Sleep Robot, a refreshingly original project, nodding towards dusty dance floor sounds of the past — the golden era for many — showcasing tracks produced between 1990 and 2004.

Taking up the entire A-side is a highlight from Len’s back catalogue, Illicus, a sought-after track due to its energetic nature and incredible, sidewinding bassline. Punchy, and most certainly, effective.

Moving things onto the B side, it carries two unheard-of cuts that have been gathering dust for about two decades. First up, Redux has a driving yet funky affair, with mysterious synths that cruise on loopy bass arrangements. It doesn’t slow down either in Memories Of A Soft Landing; however, the approach is somewhat more stripped back, all of the elements seem to be clearly conversing with each other, making this a 3 out of 3 release ready to roll out on a dance floor.

A bright start for the Deep Sleep Robot label, and who knows what they will have in store over the next few years as they continue to propel classy sounds of years before.

Len Lewis’ EP The Orbalisk is released on Deep Sleep Robot on September 24th, 2021.

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