ART:CAST #117 by Yard One

Artist duo Yard One, individually known as Jordan Bruce and Larry Jones, have had a string of releases since debuting in 2015 on Jordan’s very own label Tact Recordings. Since then the duo’s music has found its way to labels like Cinthie’s 803 Crystal Grooves, Viginere or Tact Recordings’ sub-label Tactics, always having (smaller) educated floors in mind, which are made for a deeper sound to be played to. Unsurprisingly Yard One’s approach for the latest art:cast ist a rather deep one too. The 91 minutes excursion through the beforementioned soundscapes develops into a trip of manifold influences varying between tribalistic, spheric, classy and classic House music that always has one eye on the floor. Yard One build up and create an atmosphere with their profound and extraordinaire music that has no equal, namely a mixture of old and new one can only compile when having a broad collection of music and an understanding of it.

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