EXCLUSIVE DC Salas ‘The Weight Of Uncertainty (I:Cube Remix)’ [Futureboogie]

With EPs on Correspondant, Live At Robert Johnson or his own label Biologic Records, DC Salas has built up quite an impressive back-catalogue over the past two years and the Brussel-based artist does not seem to slow down. His latest four tracker, The Weight Of Uncertainty, will be released on long-standing British label Futureboogie and keeps up the prosperous path. Provided with three original tracks the EP also comes with a remix from legendary French producer Nicolas Chaix better known under his artist moniker I:Cube or as part versatile producer duo Château Flight, for the title track. Legenary because I:Cube has been responsible for one of the electronic music scene’s most important tracks, namly Disco Cubism, and remixed Daft Punk’s Around the World. Furthermore, the Parisian has worked with iconic artists such as Joakim, Prins Thomas, Tornado Wallace, Vermont – just to name a few – over his more than two decades lasting career and to pinpoint it: I:Cube has dedicated himself and his passion to music, and the latter has found a source to trigger emotions through his work. For his rework of DC Salas’ The Weight Of Uncertainty Nicolas kept the bleepy chords from the original version but puts them into a different sound-surrounding as the pads that accompany the original elements create a rather ambient vibe.. However, if one expected an ambient track is proven wrong because the I:Cube remix is still dancefloor-oriented as it unfolds its hypnotical-touch with a repetitive vocal that seems to echo in the foggy-pads and lure the dancers and listeners at the same time into the track’s, into I:Cube’s cosmos.

DC Salas’ EP The Weight Of Uncertainty will be released on Futureboogie on August 20th, 2021.

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