EXCLUSIVE Black Spuma ‘Station To Station’ [Live At Robert Johnson]

They did it again! Slow Motion Records head Fabrizio Mammarella and Robert Johnson resident Philipp Lauer team up once more under their Black Spuma alias to deliver the latest installment of the LARJ label, namely their Hypercall EP. Combining Italo Disco vibes with a note of summer-ish excellence Philipp and Fabrizio certainly provide followers of the arts with a musical approach that hits close to their hearts as it comes with a well-needed warmth in sounds making one crawl for or at least imagine a time you spend with friends under the blue sky. The A1, Station To Station, therefore provides as the starter for this journey. Bleeping chords paired with pads set the tone for this take and are enriched with a memorable piano-interlude which leads into seemingly futuristic lazer-esque chords chasing one around the world.

Black Spuma’s Hypercall EP will be released on Live At Robert Johnson on July 16th, 2021.

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