EXCLUSIVE Ramu ‘2049 Rain’ [Magic Carpet]

The third ride on Magic Carpet comes from Bristol-based Ramu – maybe naming himself after a river in New Guinea, maybe after a fizzy Japanese lemonade or a small village in Bangladesh. As tempting and multifarious these options are Ramu’s Magic Carpet debut musically takes the same line: it’s a bit of Breakbeat, a whiff of Electro and Jungle, but it is not a mishmash or arbitrariness. It’s simply music in its pure- and rawness with three different approaches to it merged in this three tracker. Three however seems to be the magic number for this release – three tracks and the third Magic Carpet ride. The B2, 2049 Rain, is – in defiance of the speculations regarding Ramu’s artist name at the beginning – hinting at the eponymous track from the Blade Runner movie. Unsurprisingly 2049 Rain starts as a rather minimalistically held approach with a dark and almost dystopian yet futuristic industrial tone that in the course of time softens. The latter is reached by Ramu adding spacey deep chords and a breakbeat-sequence which is partly enriched with little scratches and HipHop-esque vocals before modulated 8-bit sounds and the beforementioned chords cohere and take this one home – to the clubs where it belongs.

Ramu’s EP RIDE03 will be released later this summer on Magic Carpet.


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