ART:CAST #115 by Steffan Todorović

One of the thriving forces of the northern European electronic music scene, it’s Steffan Todorović who is lined-up next for the art:cast series. As the founder and co-founder of Gestalt Records respectively Coymix Ltd, which Steffan runs with Timo Deeprhythms, the artist lets followers of the arts discover aspiring and renowned artists from the scene. It looks differently when it comes to his production project Abdul Raeva, where he specifically shares his own vision and approach of music together with his partner in crime Joonas, also known as Rashida Prime. The latest output was a contribution of the duo to Mint Tea’s V/A Basic Contact alongside artists such as Zobol, Boulderhead and Toke and a track for Gestalt Records anniversary sampler, while in 2020 Steffan released music on Neptune Discs or Dance All Day Records among and others. Whether or not there’s more music to come this year, the present has Steffan mixing and compiling a flawless art:cast covering fresh, older and upcoming bits of music viscerally put together to make you move through time and space, to get lost in the pads and stomp to lush bass lines.

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