Rotterdam-based collective Lo Fidelty drops their WEUSEDTOGOOUTTOPARTIES compilation, consisting out of thirteen tracks from local, national and international artists all connected to a certain groove and vibe of their music and smoothly put together for the V/A. Not the title track but at least pretty close to it (at least namely), it’s 912 – pronounced nineonetwo – who delivers an absolute Break-esque Drum’n’Bass-influenced deep ballad of dark almost nostalgic and spheric seeming sounds that twists the nightlife-world madness with the time of staying at home. In short: IUSEDTOGOOUTTOPARTIES is the ultimate track that manages the balancing act of being enjoyed on your stereo or out in the club without an intrusive note but impetuous enough to meet the listeners where they are mentally.

Lo Fidelity’s compilation WEUSEDTOGOOUTTOPARTIES will be released on July 16th, 2021.

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