EXCLUSIVE Zooey Moore ‘Orion Bells’ [Continually]

Oslo-based label Continually is ready to drop the second EP in its young (label) history, which comes from Zooey Moore and is the follow up of Ruton’s four tracker Coconut Falling, that was out last summer. The mysterious artist remaining rather undercover on social media delivers four tracks as well that musically range between breaky electro infuenced takes, UK Garage inspired takes on the b-side and a housey groover with dancefloor ambitions on the a-side, namely Orion Bells. The latter or rather the a1 of Zooey More’s EP – going by the name of Farms are a Great Place to see Animals – has a slightly percussive oriented sub-note in the low frequencies which is subtle yet groovey enough to draw attention to the main-synth-line. This however is enriched with chime-esque sequences that somehow underline the track’s and the artist’s mystery at the same time but come in with a mental tone that makes one loose its mind on the floor.

Zooey Moore’s EP Farms are a Great Place to see Animals will be released on Continually.

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