EXCLUSIVE Baby Rollén ‘Mr. Moisturiser’ [Fraise Records]

Fraise Records continues its fruity loops and delivers the first volume of Fruit Medley, a various artist EP consisting out of four tracks from some of the current most in-demand producers of the scene. After New School Era and Mixed Fruits Vol. 2 VA, Fruit Medley is the third release for the London-based label in 2021, surely one that will stick in record boxes longer than a moment, as the four provided takes aim unerringly and stylistically confident at the dance floors. Starting off with Duowe’s Rave-groover R U Ready? which is followed by Nathan Pinder’s Breathe and Matt Will’s Pins & Needles it is reserved for Baby Rollén to close the EP with his Mr. Moisturiser track. Coming in with a dry and clattering bass line that is shortly after accompanied by a looming Acid-line, the track continuously rides the bleepy sound wave which in the course of its duration is enriched with a hinted Garage-like vocal that pleases both: the track’s UKG vibe and the listener’s meatus acusticus before Mr. Moisturiser closes with a bang/ a scratch.

Fruit Medley Vol. 1 will be released on Fraise Records on June 10th, 2021.

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