EXCLUSIVE Sunaas ‘Ratabah’ [Chat Noir Tools]

Parisian producer Benjamin Nassau, better known under his Sunaas artist moniker, continues writing Chat Noir Tools‘ musical story by providing four tracks to the label that seems to be the flawless fit for the imprint’s philosophy, namely dancefloor oriented music or in this case dancefloor weapons. Sunaas’ now not so secret weapons are summed up under the explosive Master Blaster title, the artist’s debut EP on the label, that not only makes followers of the electronic music art crowd the floor but lose themselves to dance. With a mixture or influences that range from House to Rave over to Breakbeat, the Parisian skilfully implements elements from the named genres and combines them to come up with continuously groovers with a (dancefloor) attitude. The B1, Ratabah, evidently is no exception and convinces with a euphoric almost Proto-Italo-Acid-synthline that is so intriguing that it keeps the tension of the track high enough to make one steadily and not easingly moving to forever in the beat and finding satisfaction in the mind-sticking chords.

Sunaas’ EP Master Blaster will be released on Chat Noir Tools.

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