EXCLUSIVE Kito Jempere ‘Every Minute Is Too Late feat. Noteless (Fango Remix)’ [Kito Jempere Records]

Hailing from St. Petersburg Kito Jempere has shared a carefully selected amount of his own music with his followers via his self-titled label, amongst the most recent releases was his ironically named LP Yet Another Kito Jempere Album. Taken from the latter and actually also the closing track of the November-released LP, Every Minute Is Too Late feat. Noteless underwent the Degustibus mainstay remix treatment from Fango. The Italian artist turned the track into a proper peak-timer waiting to be played out. Starting with harmonically intertwining chords making the track come in like a slowly flowing river passing the valleys in the mountains, Fango’s remix becomes a wild major river that issues into a waterfall shortly after Noteless’ vocals ‘Mystery these days is gone’ are absorbed by the water and are transformed to create a completely different tone and vibe.

Every Minute Is Too Late feat. Noteless (Fango Remix) will be released on Kito Jempere Records on May 7th, 2021.

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