EXCLUSIVE Volantis & Nicodemo ‘Spaziotempo (Bell Towers Remix)’ [Alzaya]

Milano based imprint Alzaya kickstarts the golden era of the 20s with Volantis & Nicodemo‘s Spaziotempo EP, which is four original tracks strong and additionally contains remix works from Andras and Bell Towers. The latter, known for his works on Public Possession and his homage respectively his pleasant anticipation I’m Moving To Berlin was released on CockTail d’Amore and the follow-up of it, Another Lonely Night In My House/ Berlin, on ip editions. However, it was his Rohan’s, Bell Tower’s real name, EP Want You (Need You) on Public Possession that put him on the radar of artists and lovers of the art. Equipped with remixes from Tornado Wallace, Deep Dean or Wolfram certainy helped Bell Towers to spread his intriguing groovy sound out there and gain the recognition it deserves. His latest strike now is a remix for Milano artists Volantis & Nicodemo and their track Spaziotempo, which he reworks in a continuous 80s/ Italo Disco take with its melodically heights and lows and foremost an irresistible flow that makes it hard to resist the track’s cosmic almost hypnotic vibe taking over one’s sanity of the mind to make one let go in the beat of the moment.

Volantis & Nicodemo’s EP Spaziotempo will be released on Alzaya on April 14th, 2021.

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