ART:CAST #107 by Awkwardly Social

Usually Awkwardly Social heads CHENG NWSH and DJ Carlita invite aspiring artists to share their vision of music with them. Usually. This time the duo is invited to contribute and musically portray their approach in the art:cast series and do not expect less than a journey through genres via the unknown. In an vinyl-only back-to-back set the both boost the bpm from 120 to 175 without one even realizing as the Awkwardly Social founders skillfully know their crafts and how to let their audience experience different musical facets. Something that has been brought to the table by the launch of their label, Awkwardly Social, a couple of months back too. As of now with two catalogue numbers out, namely Lårry’s EP Nines and Aroent’s Eleese, the Berliners have already proven their magnficent selector skills in that field. However, Awkwardly Social has become a household name in the scene because of events at Zur Klappe, OHM or ://about blank over the last couple of years. But with clubs closed and their preference for faster music DJ Carlita and CHENG NWSH compiled and mixed a set that could’ve easily be the peak of one of their events when the party is in full swing, squiffy swinging through the night.

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