EXCLUSIVE Super Drama ‘One On One’ [Super Drama Records]

The third and final part of Super Drama‘s first chapter of their Family Drama-series comes to an end with four cuts from talented artists out of the East London queer scene and beyond. As on the series first part Super Drama themselves contribute an own piece of music to the third episode, this time it’s the break-influenced take One On One. Latter reflects the duo’s musical range or rather their creative versatility, their talent to overcome genre-boundaries and still sound Super-Drama-esque. Starting off with a lush bass line and a creaky almost bleepy synth, it’s inevitabe that One On One aims to be played out in the clubs. An intermezzo with some deeper sound sequences in the track’s middle part combined with a cutted and seemingly pitched vocals introduce the listener to a following change of the bass line, which at first has a break-ish note and then goes over to be stomping. The deep chords emphasize the UK-vibe of One On One at the end and certainly make the track an oustanding approach due to its well-fitting arrangement and fusion of various sounds and elements.

Super Drama Records‘ V/A Family Drama Vol. 3 will be released on February 5th, 2021.

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