EXCLUSIVE Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht ‘RaptorX (LEJ Version)’ [Correspondant]

Correspondant‘s last release of a strange 2020 is their annual compilation, simply named Compilation 08 including music from friends, affiliates and companions of the label as well as cuts from aspiring artists. The 8th edition, for example, features a new original track from Peter Invasion and Gregor Habicht, RaptorX (LEJ Version), their first and altogether second one, after making their debut on Institut für Zukunft’s 5th anniversary compilation a while back. Riotvan founder Peter Invasion and Gregor Habicht chose a rather club-oriented approach varying between darker disco-esque elements and clashing Electro beats topped with a (glitch) chord sequence and vocals that seem to miss the dance floor as much as the instrumental and therefore create the perfect symbiosis and unite strangers in the night with this eight minute lasting homage to a dark and swearty clubs or just an ordinary dance floor experience from former times made special with Peter and Gregor’s music.

Correspondant’s Compilation 08 will be released on December 11th, 2020.

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