EXCLUSIVE Billy Bogus & Outtake ‘Apocalisso!’ [Le Temps Perdu]

North and south Italy are united and musically combined in Le Temp Perdu’s upcoming dystopian EP Apocalisso! by Billy Bogus and Outtake. While the first represents the northern part as Billy Bogus is staying in Modena, Outtake come from Naples. However, for their first common EP they three artists firstly had discussed the rising menace of Covid-19 in a Sci-Fi movie manner, a preference especially Bogus complies, before turning their several approaches and inputs into creating two original tracks, with Apocalisso! being the soundtrack of 2020, or as the artists call it: The Year of Fear. Consisting out of soundtrack samples and a destructive yet charming vocal that is looped over an almost break-influenced and vibing bass line, which again is riding over dystopian chords before another sequence sets in that kind of resembles the role of an antagonist or is the counterpart to the initally introduced one, Apocalisso!‘s general vibe can simply be desribed as that from a B-Movie in first class-manner.

Billy Bogus & Outtake’s Apocalisso! EP will be released on Le Temps Perdu on December 11th, 2020.

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