EXCLUSIVE Ave Doors ‘Quantum Tantrum (Perez Remix)’ [Silicate Records]

The second release on Silicate Record are the remixes of Ave Door‘s eponymous first EP and comes with works from Ariel Zentina, Riotvan co-label head Panthera Krause and French artist Perez. The latter creates an experimental timeless take of Quantum Tantrum, which is rich of broken anti-harmonic soundscapes yet it’s exactly the beforementioned that makes Perez’s composition an outstanding, raw and edgy piece that sucks you into its own spheres right from the start. Starting off with metallic sounding swirls and a rough bass line Perez’s version evolves into something or as Hemingway would put it, The End of Something, still the created hypnosis this composition generates leaves enough room for an anguish to cut or shine through the track’s pads and reveals something one wants to rediscover or come back to over and over again – in the end.

Ave Door’s Epidermal Response (Ave Doors: Remixed) will be released on Silicate Records on December 4th, 2020.

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