EXCLUSIVE ZK Bucket ‘Aus der Kurwe’ [Zaun Records]

A couple of months ago Zaun Records label head ZK Bucket compiled an art:cast consisting out of exclusive and partly unreleased own material. Latter or parts of it are now finally released on his imprint Zaun Records as part of his EP Lush Attack. The three track strong EP contains Isle of Me, the EP’s name giving track Lush Attack and lastly Aus der Kurwe, a highlight of ZK Bucket’s art:cast from April. Melodically intriguing and provided with a groovy yet bouncy bass line Aus der Kurwe touches down in the base of the listener’s capability of perceiving and processing high-frequencies, stimulating the brain before one is shortly spinning (out of the curve) and the track satisfies lower frequencies to then alternate to unfold its melodic chord potential at all levels.

ZK Bucket’s EP Lush Attack will be released on Zaun Records on November 13th, 2020.

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