EXCLUSIVE Das Komplex ‘Galaxy’ [Mireia Records]

He does it again. Music architect Das Komplex designed another funky and groovy weapon that combines both: the driving elements to make one float over the dance floor and the chords to make you enjoy the sweet sunrays at the beach. Both being so intense that the track swiftly beams you not exclusively into different settings on ‘dance floor earth’ but with its tonal chord sequences lets one experience zero gravity in a different galaxy. As part of RSS Disco run label Mireia Records and their We’ll Sea-series, Galaxy is one out of four tracks the trio signed for their various artists series, each carefully chosen and thoughtfully compiled to an EP, the listener is beautifully guided through the different musical takes and precisely to Das Komplex’s nine and a half minutes of a Galaxy.

Mireia Record’s V/A EP We’ll Sea Pt. 4 will be released on October 30th, 2020.

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