ART:CAST #97 by Jennifer Touch

Stepping into the virtual ring Berlin artist Jennifer Touch knocks you off your feet with her contribution for the art:cast series – a blissful mixture of darker discoid sounds paired with her signature IDM-note and some sweet Acid bleeps, but foremost the multi-talented Jennifer delivers a straight four to the floor mix, or an almost forgotten feeling of club night tales in dark and sweaty rooms. As ecclectic as her productions, and Jennifer spoilt her beloved followers with the release of her Behind the Wall album on Fat Cat as well as a track on Riotvan‘s Familiar Faces N°. 3 in spring, she now has compiled the soundtrack for your fall-madness. Being more than a homage to a night out, the latest art:cast morever tells the story of skilfully blending music, deep and raw, together still remaining true to her style.

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