EXCLUSIVE Soma Soul ‘Missing (Marcus Worgull Remix)’ [Endless]

Zurich-based artist Soma Soul makes his debut on Endless with a musical package consisting out of five tracks, each touching the bottom of everyone’s heart and soul and each with a different approach to one’s sorrows. Besides the two original tracks, Hurt and Missing – which were pre-released – Hurt comes with two remix versions from Endless head-honcho Luca Bacchetti while Innervisions mainstay and Chorus label-head Marcus Worgull gives Missing his retouch. With bird’s twittering and the intagrated piano (chords) Worgull makes his approach sound like an exotic extravaganza as he creates a picture of a piano being played in the sand dunes at the beach while birds are sweetly singing along and support the melody as well as the vocal in a comfortable manner.

Soma Soul’s Hurt Remixes EP will be released on Endless on October 16th, 2020.

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