EXCLUSIVE Damiano von Erckert ‘Tears For You’ [Aus Music]

Shortly after his contribution to Live At Robert Johnson’s Lifesaver Compilation Damiano von Erckert makes his debut on Will Saul’s renowned Aus Music label. The three tracker, that goes by the name of Replica Material, hits, differently as the EP title suggests but the individual track names presage, musically and emotionally deep into the listener’s body, mind and soul, while the word ‘replica’ possibly refers to replications of chords from various synths and combining those with vocals snippets/ samples. The track titles of the EP, My Belief, Your Disorder, Dramatic Romance and Tears For You incidentally tell the story of a not working relationship in a retroperspective with the last track, Tears For You, (musically) framing the consequences of the aforementioned events. Inevitably the track has a nostalgic yet partly positive and sad vibe that alternates but is brought together in the end when pads and chords smoothly intertwine and those musically hinted teardrops vanish or dry and leave the listener with a feeling of (Deep House)-bliss.

Damiano von Erckert’s Replica Material EP will be released on Aus Music on October 16th, 2020.

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