EXCLUSIVE Damiano von Erckert ‘Let’s Hide Away’ [Live At Robert Johnson]

Infamous nightlife institution Robert Johnson firstly opened its doors 21 years ago, shortly after establishing itself as one of the leading clubs in the Rhein-Main area, in Germany and in the world. Driven and run by music enthusiasts and passionate people the club in Offenbach defies several crisises, movements or trends as at some point in (electronic) music history the club and its connected label became a trend itself – one that has been enduring for almost as long as its own existance. Within but not because the current chapter of world history Live At Robert Johnson releases the fourth edition of its Lifesaver-series, including 21 tracks from artists that have made people dance on the wooden floor of the legendary night club over the course of the years, dedicated to one that passed away too early, Andrew Weatherall – to many a person to look up to, to many a musical inspiration, to many at Robert Johnson a friend and exceptional artist. And picking up on the word exceptional close followers of Robert Johnson will connect it with AVA label head Damiano von Erckert, who’s taken the club’s crowd by storm with his (deep) House approach that partly implements vocal snippets, samples or elements of Soul, R&B, Funk or Disco combining it with intriguing chords and pulsating bass lines. His contribution, Let’s Hide Away, to the Lifesaver compilation, his first release of an own track on a different label than his own in nearly 10 years, musically takes up the aforementioned resulting in an endlessly groovey House(m) anthem that sags the (wooden) floor at Robert Johnson and makes it a hideaway for people within its seven minutes.

Lifesaver Compilation 4 – 21 Dedicated to Andrew Weatherall will be released on Live At Robert Johnson on October 9th, 2020.

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