ART:CAST #93 by Lauer

Hailing from the Rhein-Main area Philipp Lauer provides the scene with top-class music under several aliases or with various projects. Under the Tuff City moniker Philipp produces music with Running Back head-honcho Gerd Janson, while for the Black Spuma project Lauer teams up with Fabrizio Mammarella and then there is Philipp doing music as Lauer and releases music on renowned labels such as Permanent Vacation, Live At Robert Johnson, Futureboogie Records, Cin Cin or Running Back. In all modesty those labels have defined the history of electronic dance music over the past one or two decades. An influence that cannot be denied but can rather be found in Lauer’s own music or DJ sets. Speaking of the latter, the charming Frankfurt boy, or the DJ from the speckg├╝rtel, compiled the latest art:cast taking the listener from disco to disco with a dubby start to create an overall heterogeneous composition that soaks you into its vibe from start to finish.

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