EXCLUSIVE Cinthie ‘Jack Your Head Higher’ [803 Crystal Grooves]

Berlin House luminary Cinthie delivers the fourth edition of her 803 Crystal Grooves, which comes with altogether four tracks that cannot be more classy than they are. After releasing her debut album Skylines Citylights, covering various influences from Cinthie’s musical past, on Will Saul’s Aus Music, the vinyl princess returns to her own imprint. The B1 Jack Your Head Higher is built upon and around a lush and jacking bass line, which stretches over the first minute and does not contain any catchy addings as it simply underlines the artist DJ-ish approach to productions and gives one enough time to mix the track properly. After Cinthie introduces her audience/ listeners to a piano driven chord arrangement unveiling the beauty and timelessness of the genre in just one four minute lasting melody.

Cinthie’s Crystal Grooves 004 will be released on September 4th, 2020.

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