DJ CHARTS Alex Kassian [Love On The Rocks]

Back from a trip to Scandinavia and his Oolong Trance EP on Paramida’s Love On The Rocks label Alex Kassian provides us with his current top10. Slightly differing from recent charts or lists Alex would compile, the Berlin-based artist put together two hands full of tracks that can be classified as Ambient/ Downtempo and certainly hit the zeitgeist since most clubs are closed and events canceled. However, Kassian’s selection depicts his superior and coeval taste in electronic music and raises the issues or clarifies the direction music goes as venues basically do not operate. Dive deep into the calm melodies Alex chose and let your mind wander while witnessing the pads.

  1. Golden Ivy ‘Söndagsmålare‘ [Malmö Inre]
  2. Harold Budd ‘Cartago Sand Dancing‘ [Believe Music]
  3. Shanti Celeste ‘Sun Notification’ [Peach Discs]
  4. Terekke ‘Arpfaded‘ [Music From Memory]
  5. Leif ‘Yarrow‘ [Whities]
  6. Ulla Strauß ‘Billow‘ [Quiet Times Tapes]
  7. Brian Eno, Harold Budd ‘An Arc of Doves‘ [Universal]
  8. Matthewdavid’s Mindflight ‘Ode To Flora‘ [Lo Recordings]
  9. Terekke ‘Closer‘ [The Orchard Music]
  10. E Ruscha V ‘The Hostess‘ [Beats In Space]

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