EXCLUSIVE Christian Löffler ‘Bergen (Roman Flügel Remix)’ [Ki Records]

It’s only been March when Christian Löffler released his album Lys, but these days it feels like eternity. Over the course of the past months some of the electronic music scene’s most prolific producers took on remix duties for Löffler’s ‘home studio album’. Among them were Hior, Nathan Fake, Lawrence Guy and Roman Flügel. The latter was asked to sprinkle his magic on Christian’s track Bergen and the Berlin-based artist did not need no second invitation for that. Roman’s approach to Bergen was it to merge the best of both artists’ worlds and not to turn the track into something totally new or different. The result is a speeded up version with carefully implemented textures from Roman’s analog synthesizers and 70’s drum machines, which smoothly go with Christian’s tender, fine and delicate compositions and portray a colorful union of two scene key-figures and their importance for the development of music. Roman Flügel’s Bergen sounds like an out-balanced piece of music that unfolds its natural beauty with every sound added with every further beat down the bass line. A track so nostalgic and hopeful it could serve as an anthem for the era the world is in.

Christian Löffler’s Lys Remixes will be released on Ki Records on July 31st, 2020.

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