EXCLUSIVE Javier Ferreira ‘Repetitive And Constant’ [Side UP Works]

Barcelona-based (party)collective Side UP-crew readies its ninth release on their Side UP Works imprint, which comes from Javier Ferreira. The five tracker Organic Time comes with three orginal takes as well as remixes from Thomas Jackson and Cardopusher, who took on re-treatment duties for the EP’s title track and Bouncing while Repetitive And Constant remains untouched. What might sound like an endless monotonous loop is in fact an elaborated care- and skilfully put together piece of music that covers everything to catch the dancefloor’s attention and dancer’s attraction. Intriguing vocals that reveal only as much as needed, a lush bass line that supports both, the spoken words and the deeply twinkling chords that are introduced in the course of the track and provide the track edgi-, deep- and sexiness something that shall be repetitively and constantly part of music.

Javier Ferreira’s EP Organic Time will be released on Side UP Works on August 4th, 2020.

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