EXCLUSIVE Undo ‘Dark Woods’ [Factor City]

An intense industrial EBM vibe comes with the latest EP on Factor City, Dark Woods, by co-label founder himself and Barcelona mainstay DJ Undo. With slighty bleeping chords and a lush bass line topped with intriguing vocals, also by Undo, the EP’s title track Dark Woods makes one of the most significant episodes of music, the 80s, sound pretty fresh and relevant in the new golden era rather known as the 20s of the new century. Covered with atmospheric pads Dark Woods allows a gloomy possessive atmosphere to develop and lures the listener into its vibe – Undo’s vocals then take the part of the Sirens with the difference that they are not sitting on the Loreley rock but the singing comes out of the woods, the Dark Woods.

Undo’s EP Dark Woods will be released on Factor City on June 23rd, 2020.

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