Max Pask and Justin Strauss are Each Other, it’s as simple as that. The New York-based artist duo has had some well-selected works released over the past couple of months. Starting with their Be Nice To Each Other EP, which rang in the golden era of the golden boys on DEEWEE, one could soon see the duo emerging as remixers for Good Guy Mikesh’s and Reznik’s and track The Moon Landing Was A Hoax, which was folllowed by their latest collaboration or common release: a remix for Kasper Bjørke’s track Du Du Du ft. Tomas Høffding on hfn music. Now the duo is back with an hour full of music they compiled for Torture the Artist’s art:cast series and deliver a heartfelt disco romance with dance floor moments, living room detours and traffic jams parties. Strauss and Pask manoveur their audience stylistically confident through the hour, through their idea of a journey off the roads but in your mind. It’s safe to say that Each Other not only complement themselves musically but enrich their audience – especially with an art:cast like this, which was recorded as a back to back set in their New York studio.

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