EXCLUSIVE Harry Baldi ‘Ik Wist Het, Philippe Albert’ [Una Vida De Barrio]

Una Vida De Barrio is a eleven-track comprising compilation dedicated to the artists’ favorite football players and emerged when artists gathered for weekly football matches in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district around six years ago. Ik Wist Het, Philippe Albert refers to Belgian defender Philippe Albert, whose phenomenal goal against Manchester United and World Cup performances in 1994 can be entitled as the most prominent moments in his career. The track Ik Wist Het, Philippe Albert by Harry Baldi, better known as famous Belgian producer Nicolas Geysens, is an extremely addictive disco-id take with a driving bass line and a catchy basic-synth, which receives melo-support by additional pads and sounds and make it an continuous blissful experience – sounding so simple yet being so diverse due to its musical multifariousness. But not only does the track tribute to Philippe Albert it also honors and refers to Riff’s track from 1987 called Jack Live.

Una Vida De Barrio will be released on June 12th, 2020.

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