DJ CHARTS Niv Ast [Correspondant]

Over the past years Tel Aviv resident Niv Ast has refined his rough, edgy and New Wave Punk Rock-ish influenced sound listeners can witness when re-visiting his productions on labels like Relish, Luminiere Noir, Correspondant Duro or his own imprint New Day Everyday. Now the artist returns to Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant label with the four tracker I Remember and therefore pulls his music-digging skills as Niv dives deep into his hard-disk to come up with his current ten favorites tracks, which – of course – cover the musical momentan and Niv’s preferences just as smoothly as well.

  1. Niv Ast ‘I Remember’ [Correspondant]
  2. Die Orangen ‘Ride (Manfredas Remix)’ [Orange Editions]
  3. Shakti ‘The Awakening‘ []
  4. Billie Eilish ‘Bad Guy (Benedikt Frey Reconstruction)
  5. Nova Materia ‘Strength’ [Crammed Discs]
  6. DJ Headshot ‘Ventrilove’ [Tofistock]
  7. Eliezer ‘Corona Maradona‘ [New Day Everyday]
  8. Kimshies ‘Fucked up Mama’ [Duro]
  9. Rina ‘Yoav’ [New Day Everyday]
  10. The Mauskovic Dance Band ‘Ventura (Dub)’

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