EXCLUSIVE Mufti ‘As If (David Kochs Flightmode Remix)’ [Secret Fusion]

Augsburg graphic designer. Augsburg producer. Augsburg wonder boy David Kochs delivers a new hypnotic disco-esque approach for Mufti’s track As If, which keeps up the success story of Hungarian label Secret Fusion. Once again the aspiring Augsburg artist underlines his ability of arranging a seductive piece of music which combines synthy music with a disco dance floor note. Provided with a lush bass line David Kochs sets the foundation of a smashing take that sways between several (musical) influences and preferences without sounding arbitrary but rather eclectic as circling and wobbling synths flatter the disco hook and almost Acid-sounding chords until climaxing in a profound break before returning to the previously introduced loop and keeping up an immense groove throughout the track.

Mufti’s Another Day EP will be released on Secret Fusion on June 1st, 2020.

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