Like a STATUE he stands tall, not holding a torch in his hand but playing with fire – musically. Melbourne drummer and producer Tom Gould, rather known to the electronic scene and its affiliates under his percussive STATUE project, has left his marks over the past years. With is Solidify EP on Le Temps Perdu or his Base/Face tracks on Fort Romeau’s and Ali Tilly’s label Cin Cin. Additionally Tom remixed Sobek’s charming Charmer and took on remix duties for Dreem’s track Charcoals, which was also out on V’s Le Temps Perdu label, to which the Australian keeps a tight relationship based on mutual respect and likeminded thinking. However, for his upcoming release Stay In Touch, a collaboration with his mate Tunnel Signs , he’s not only left his home port and joins Revolver Upstairs but also shares some deeper musical insights of his artistic being. With his art:cast contribution Tom manages the balancing act of combining both: hypnotic and dark synth-lines and more lively chords, but also music with a downtempo note and ones with more housey note. The result is a musically challenging as well as demanding approach that ties audiophiles close from start to finish and let them discover the artist’s (musical) world within this hour.


  1. Axxess ‘Pages’
  2. Funboys ‘Lino Cut’
  3. Yak ‘Umbra’
  4. Andy Garvey ‘Sub.conscious’
  5. Green Buzzard ‘Suck the Venom (Masquerader Version)’
  6. Rigopolar ‘Wolfish’
  7. Sobek ‘Charmer (STATUE Reconstruction)’
  8. Tyu ‘Meneo’
  9. Middle Sky Boom ‘Missing Drive’
  10. STATUE &Tunnel Signs ‘Stay’
  11. Simona Castricum ft. M8riarchy ‘Supertouch’
  12. Dreems ‘Shark Water (Die Orangen Remix)’
  13. Tropikal Camel ‘Beehave’
  14. STATUE & Tunnel Signs ‘Touch’
  15. Midnight Star ‘The Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix)’

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