EXCLUSIVE Totoray ‘Until The End’ [Interlight]

Musical maestro Toto Chiavetta and suavely raw artist Coloray teamed up at any level for their common project’s first release Until The End/ Everlasting Movement. Putting the facts on the table: Intercept and Borders of Light turn to the Wortkontamination Interlight, the same happens to the artists’ names as Toto and Coloray transform to Totoray for the duo’s debut EP. But to develop the initially mentioned contamination further Coloray and Toto obtain a common sound that – despite the different musical approaches of each artist – contains elements from both worlds, which in the final outcome vibe like a smoothly created symbiosis. However, the both’s sound is not as different as one might assume as either Toto Chiavetta’s musical compositions as well as Coloray’s sound and cracking voice contain a level of rawness at which the artist themselves easily could have and did meet. The result is three tracker Everlasting Movement / Until The End, which – besides the two original versions – contains a remix from Musumeci. Until the End though skilfully wraps up the aforementioned rawness, the perfectly orchestrated imperfectness and is – of course – topped with Coloray’s vocals that make it sound like a genre-blending Indie/ House-tune in the most accurate manner.

Totoray’s EP Until The End/ Everlasting Movement will be released on Interlight on May 1st, 2020.

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