EXCLUSIVE Orsery ‘All Eyes On You’ [Slowciety]

As the world’s still shut down a slowciety spring is just around the corner and heralded by the label head Orsery himself, who delivers a blossoming four tracker that makes evident what people these days strive for, what people are jonessing for (the most): moving the bodies in the rhythm of the beat when shadows are glooming the darkness of the club when (disco)lights blaze to make the sweat visible. It’s All Eyes On You – the EP, the title track, the A1. Coming in with a bouncey bass line, All Eyes On You is then awakening the modular synth chords that smoothly beguile the subfrequencies and prepare the audience for the track’s memorable hook-synth line that totally lures one into track’s undertow – it does not get more sufficiently clubby and neat like Orsery plays it with this track, this hook-line – All Eyes On You Orsery. Chapeau!

Orsery’s EP All Eyes On You will be released on Slowciety on May 1st, 2020.

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