EXCLUSIVE Ebrahimi ‘För Henne (Dave DK Remix)’ [Turbolenz]

In turbulent times Berliner Dave DK takes the chance to add his “swell“ to Ebrahimi‘s track För Henne and comes up with a hard hitting wave of sounds that he easily leads into smooth waters. With the first release for Turbolenz Swedish producer Ebrahimi delivers a two original tracks, We Love Music and the initially named För Henne. While Turbolenz head Philipp Lenz alias Delenz sprinkles his fairy dust on the firstly mentioned track, Pampa mainstay Dave DK runs deep on För Henne, again and as always creating a melancholic-vibing-waving remix approach that hits the zeitgeist as it touches and picks up the listener at an emotional level without dithering. Dave DK adds slightly more organic and hence more percussive elements to the track and implements his characteristic soundscapes in the sub-texture or DNA of the track. An analogue cracking vinyl sound is superimposed and adds this nostalgic vibe which certainly refreshes the aforementioned melancholia.

Ebrahimi’s EP För Henne is released on Turbolenz on April 24th, 2020.

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