Outcast Oddity mainstay and Zaun label head ZK Bucket returns to Torture the Artist shortly after the release of his Ship Of Fools EP on the initially mentioned label. With his art:cast the Berliner compiled a ZK Bucket-megamix with all own material. From some of the artists most successful tracks to edits over to unreleased material ZK Bucket’s contribution to the art:cast series covers it all and portrays a musical picture of an artist, who’s found freedom and inspiration in the darker and deeper soundscapes combining and mixing those with elegance and grace creating a memorable piece of art observing the well-listening audience.


  1. ZK Bucket ‘LetYour Body Cntrl the Beat (Intro)’
  2. ZK Bucket ‘unreleased’
  3. ZK Bucket ‘Glue 44 (Gates of Perception Mix)’
  4. ZK Bucket ‘Glue 44 (Concierge Vox Version)’
  5. ZK Bucket ‘Shapeshifter’
  6. ZK Bucket ‘unreleased’
  7. ZK Bucket ‘unreleased’
  8. ZK Bucket ‘unreleased’
  9. Cross Culture ‘unreleased’
  10. ZK Bucket ‘3 Littel Pigs’
  11. Novoline & ZK Bucket ‘ADHS Fashion (ZKB Rework)’
  12. ZK Bucket ‘Are You Naked Or Are You Full Of Clothes?’
  13. Novoline ‘Casino City (ZKB Remix)’
  14. ZK Bucket ‘Washing And Sweating’
  15. ZK Bucket ‘Zum Wasser Und Zurück’
  16. ZK Bucket ‘Bonus Beach’

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